Groundhog Day Syndrome

A Common Malady Among Business Owners

Happy Groundhog Day! The movie Groundhog Day is a personal favorite. Do you like that one? It’s where Bill Murray relives the same February 2 over and over again. Until he changes what he’s doing.

It reminds me of this quote: “If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting.”

It’s a syndrome common to business owners. We get so wrapped up in the day-to-day that we don’t stop to THINK about our business. We just keep running. Sometimes we do the same things over and over. If we expect different outcomes…well, isn’t that called the definition of insanity?

“It’s Always February 2nd and There’s Nothing I Can Do About It”

Sorry, Bill, there IS something I can do about it! This year won’t be “Groundhog Day” for me! What about for you?

Some planning and preparation back in 2014 allowed me to hit the ground running in January (after a brief and slightly indulgent New Year’s retreat to Western North Carolina – away time is an important lesson!). 

Square-Ad_Finals_2In association with John Warrillow and the Built To Sell Company, my company C-Suite Advisors is launching a NEW online program for business owners called The Value Builder System™. I’m fired up about this, as it will allow business owners to increase the value of their business substantially by investing a focused 1-2 hours a month. It’s a practical and tactical program that also measures progress. Research among small businesses shows it can have a material impact on the financial VALUE of a business. Whether the future potential of your company is being considered by an investor, a lender, or a potential acquirer, don’t you want to be confident you’ve maximized its value? CLICK on the picture above to start with your free VALUE BUILDER ASSESSMENT.

CEO School Logo 2 Mini
We’re also starting our second year of CEO School for Women™, our year-long business growth program. We’re “better than a school” for businesses wishing to focus on growth and scaling after successfully navigating start-up. I’m especially delighted to welcome another wonderful “faculty” member to our group, Lisa Robinson, CPA. Please be sure to check out her bio on the CEO School page! And don’t forget to nominate your favorite woman CEO by clicking here.

Planning is, not surprisingly, the topic of my many speaking engagements, and I continue to get a kick out of seeing entrepreneurs light up as they see how valuable it is to FOCUS on the right business issues. From Startup Chicks to the Executive MBA program at Coles College of Business, to business owners everywhere, PLAN is a 4-letter word that can mean the difference between success and failure.

How are YOU spending Groundhog Day this year? I’d love to hear from you!

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