10 Questions You Should Never Stop Asking

The 10 Questions You Should Never Stop Asking

Here is an excellent overview in Forbes for those looking for “the easy answers to business success.” Not that implementing the advice is easy!

But if you can address all these questions, you will improve the success of your organization. More importantly, if you’re not regularly exploring these issues, any semblance of success you may be experiencing is fleeting and cannot be sustained.

So what are the questions?

  • What is our purpose for existing? (Also known as Mission…)
  • Who is our target customer? (And that doesn’t mean everyone who ever could potentially want or be persuaded to buy your goods or services. Who is your prototypical customer/client?)
  • Why does anyone need what we’re selling? (And take off those rose-colored glasses before answering this one. Please?)
  • If there is a need, is it enough to support a profitable business? (I contend that “need” isn’t enough – they must want your products or services!)
  • What are our competitors up to? (Don’t skate by this one…)
  • Can you reduce expenses–without harming the product? (And who can’t?)
  • Do we have the right leadership? (Just because you started the organization doesn’t mean you’re its best leader forever. Is it time to consider other options and focus on your highest and best purpose?)
  • Do we have the right employees? (And NOW is the right time to address this. Today.)
  • How will we continue to drive revenue? (Notice the verb. Revenue doesn’t wander in the door when no one is looking.)
  • How are your employees holding up? (“MBWA” was popular a few years back for good reason. When a “leader” just sits in the corner office and isn’t visible to employees – not just by walking around but  by engaging – it can spell disaster.)

What’s your score on these?

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