Got Business Growing Pains?

Organizational Life Cycles

Which Stage is YOUR Business In?

 What Phase Are You In?

Why is it important to understand which organization stage your company is in? It helps you look for and focus on addressing the RIGHT business issues and priorities, permitting you to manage to the next stage of growth most smoothly. Growing businesses need upgraded management processes and systems as they become successful, when founders find they cannot control or manage all that is happening in the business.

Is Yours a Service or a Manufacturing Business?

Service businesses – those that provide a service rather than a concrete product – tend to reach growth issues with lower revenues and fewer staff than manufacturing concerns. But you may share the same issues with larger product-based businesses who have capital tied up in manufacturing and inventory.

I’m Having Business Growing Pains!
What Do I Do Next?

C-Suite Advisors specialize in businesses with growing pains! We can help you learn to focus on YOUR highest and best good, identify your goals, and set forth a realistic, actionable plan to achieve them. And we will accompany you throughout implementation if you would find that valuable.

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