Business Growth Services

If you’re a business owner, you want your business to grow.

Growth entails change.

Change is hard. Knowing WHAT to change is hard. We all need someone who will hold up a mirror before us and tell us what they see in our business; we are too darned close to the situation to ever be objective.

MirrorNancy Chorpenning is known as “My Business Whisperer” by her clients. Why? Because she has an innate ability, based on many, many years working across businesses of all  sizes and myriad industries, of SEEING what is missing. Of reflecting what the market sees in us and our business.

We also offer the Birkman Method® Assessments and Coaching to our clients, for themselves and their teams. This behavioral assessment provides actionable insights for managers and employees. It is particularly useful for Leadership Development, Talent Assessment, and Team Building.

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