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Developing & Enhancing Human Capital

From large organizations to start-up ventures, human capital is a key to success in all organizations.

Growth stems from developing the unique competencies, technical knowledge, and people-skills found within individuals, teams, and businesses alike. The Birkman Method® develops and enhances the human capital within organizations and helps individuals realize their inner potential.

Building better insights into human capital is the driving force behind creative solutions, trusting relationships, effective processes, and action-oriented goals. The Birkman Method® helps unveil these hidden qualities within leaders, employees, and teams.

Our scientifically developed, multi-dimensional assessment, The Birkman Method®, provides personality and occupational data to help understand individual’s unique behavior and work satisfaction across different situations and industries. The Birkman Method® reaches further into personality than any other assessment, allowing for individuals to truly understand not only who they are, but why.


About The Birkman Method Assessments

The Only Assessment that Captures Underlying Needs

Needs are what individuals crave from their environment and the people around them. Needs vary widely between people, and they are not observed simply from behavior.

The Birkman Method® is the only assessment that is able to get to the heart of an individual’s underlying Needs which, when fulfilled, provide the comfort and motivation that enables them to be productive and satisfied in their careers and lives.

  • By understanding one’s own Needs, individuals are better able to recharge, stay motivated, and avoid Stress Behavior
  • By understanding an employee’s Needs, a manager is able to provide the support to improve morale, increase productivity, and facilitate communication

Examines Personality and Perceptions in a Social Context

“No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent.” – John Donne

The Birkman Method® is distinct because it taps into what an individual believes about “most people” around them, providing a unique glimpse into one’s perception of both self and others.

  • Social context of one’s behavior promotes better self-management and awareness of their own extremes relative to social norms
  • By seeing the ways others perceive the world, an individual can better respect and empathize with their colleagues

Combines Behavioral and Occupational Data in One Assessment

There are many factors that affect a person’s career performance and satisfaction. Just looking at motivations doesn’t give the full picture.

Through one questionnaire,The Birkman Method® can generate more than 40 reports for specific applications and solutions to your needs.

  • We measure how individuals relate to people around them through their communication style, giving insights into potential gaps in an organization’s culture
  • We have data on the typical Interests, Usual Behavior, and Needs of individuals in a variety of job fields, so respondents can see how closely they match the typical personality profile of people tenured in different careers



What We Measure

The Birkman Method® measures many aspects of personality, including:

  • Interests – Activities you enjoy and are motivated by in your work and personal life
  • Usual Behavior – Your effective and productive behavioral style for tasks and relationships
  • Needs – How you need to be or expect to be treated by other people and your environment
  • Stress Behavior – Your ineffective and unproductive behavioral style when your Needs are unmet
  • Career Data – 22 job families, 200+ unique job titles (linked to O*Net)

Features of The Birkman Method®

Through a combination of features including colors, symbols, quadrants, and scales, The Birkman Method interprets complex personality traits through a simple, visual, and memorable format. Features of the Birkman Method questionnaire include:

  • Online Assessment
  • 298 questions (250 true-false, 48 multi-choice questions)
  • 30 minutes (average time to complete)
  • Results available immediately after completion
  • Questionnaire translated into over 20 languages
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