Strategic Facilitation

Clarifying Goals, Producing Results

Strategic Planning is one of the most important events of every business leader’s portfolio.

Yet most executives don’t look forward to it, nor know where to start. We can help.

Our Services

Strategic Planning

  • ASSESSMENT: Where are starting from?
  • CLARIFY GOALS: We help you develop clear, concise, achievable goals to lead to success
  • DEVELOP AGENDA: Based on your needs, not a “one-size-fits-all” approach
  • FACILITATION: Maintaining momentum, staying “on task,” freeing executives to participate
  • NEUTRALITY: Our lack of bias helps produce better results for you
  • POST-SESSION REPORTING: Connecting planning and executing

Diverse business group meeting

Corporate Retreats

  • PLANNING: We help you clarify create a vision, customized to the event
  • DESIGN: Based on your definition of success, we will help create a program to elicit your desired outcomes
  • FACILITATION: Experienced leaders can draw people out; their neutrality can defuse drama and build trust
  • REPORTING: Document what was discussed and what action plans were agreed to

How We Work

  • CONSULT: Exploring approaches to achieve the goals we define for your meeting
  • PROPOSAL: We will provide a detailed proposal that describes each step and the deliverables to which we both commit
  • PREPARATION: Collecting information and preparing for the content of the meeting, including interviews, research, and other inputs
  • EVENT: Whether a meeting or a retreat, we will facilitate leaving you and your team to participate fully
  • REPORTING: We capture and share the results of your meeting immediately after, including action plans
  • FOLLOW-UP: We check in after the Meeting Report to ensure you’re satisfied with outcomes


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