Think BIG…

And Back Up Those Dreams with Action

And back up those dreams with the foundations, planning, and support necessary to realize your vision.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women entrepreneurs over the years, particularly over the last eight years since starting C-Suite Advisors. What most surprises me is how many women business owners fail to reach far enough or think big enough to match their capabilities.

Women entrepreneurs may be more risk-averse than male counterparts but they are also more capable than they realize. That is not to say that every woman business owner can – or should – have visions of explosive or exponential growth. To those with well-formed visions, their abilities to grow and lead should be nurtured and supported!

Not every little girl had a dad like mine, who thought I could do anything
I was willing to work for. Nor did every kid get “managed up” as I did, starting with goal-writing at five years old. There are many ways to develop an awareness of gifts and abilities, but too many women have missed out, instead believing in limits that OTHERS place on them.

MirrorWe have a unique selection process for our business growth program: we are interviewing smart and successful women business owners with insatiable curiosity and a desire to excel. One of the goals of CEO School for Women, launching this month, is to help participants see what we see in them and in their businesses. We will “hold up a mirror” and lend them lenses we use to see “what can be,” applying discipline, learning, and support in regular doses over a year. Strong leadership, combined with peer support, can have dramatic impact on success.

The question is: are you ready?

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