“Keep Your Company Safe But Keep Building the Future”: Crisis Advice from GE’s CEO – Harvard Business Online

Crisis Advice from GE’s Immelt – Harvard Business Online’s HBR Editors’ Blog:
“Keep your company safe but keep building the future”

Terrific brief article from GE’s CEO Immelt about Leadership and Change he teaches his management teams. While he acknowledges that adjustment is necessary in light of current economic troubles, it doesn’t mean turning from growth.

Immelt had some final advice for leaders, which struck me as especially valuable in tough times:

Be decisive: Make decisions, including some occasions when you don’t have perfect information.

Be accountable: Stand by your decisions, admit when you’ve made a mistake, and make sure you and your team are accountable.

Be transparent: Don’t just tell the truth, share the intent behind your decisions.

Be a unifier: Make people feel like they’re part of something that will last.

Be willing to change yourself: Embrace personal growth.

Good advice for entrepreneurial businesses as well as this member of the Fortune 5.

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