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woman driving carI love technology. Seriously! In fact, I’m launching a series of workshops next month for women entrepreneurs to help them embrace tech and manage it rather than allowing it to intimidate. One of the keys is to find the best apps and master using them so it becomes second nature and you can fully use the tools.

So to go with this new workshop series – Taming Technology – I’m sharing some of my absolute favorite apps. Mine will be for Apple products but many are available cross-platform or in the cloud.

Entrepreneurs and business owners are notoriously time-challenged. If we can save a minute or five on the road, it counts.

I have fallen in love with the navigation app called Waze – do you know it? Whether you have an iPhone, an Android, or a Windows phone (does anyone have a Windows phone?) you can snag this free app.

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What’s so great about Waze? It provides crowdsourced traffic data. That means that the hundred of thousands of fellow Wazers on the road are sending info wirelessly about how quickly they’re moving. It shows up in realtime and can even shift your route based on traffic and problems up ahead.

The interface is also a plus. Different than Google Maps or Apple Maps (that I think resemble one another), it’s easy to see where you’re headed on Waze. The screen changes back and forth between nighttime and daytime automatically, and the traffic is OBVIOUS and easy to grasp with a quick glance.

Perhaps one of my favorite features of Waze is its integration with Facebook. I can tell what time my husband will be home from work without bugging him with a call while he’s driving, and he knows when I’ll be there, as Waze updates – again, in realtime – what time we’ll arrive.

Google apparently agrees with me. They paid $1 billion for Waze earlier this year. My only requests, as Google is even integrating some Waze data into Google Maps, do not discontinue this app! And please don’t mess it up – I rely on this!

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