It is well established that concentrated attention and focused thought are more productive than the start-and-stop too many of our days are like. That working in dribs and drabs is also a common symptom of business owners who work IN their business more than they work ON their business, then wonder why they never make progress.

Try setting aside time regularly as you plan each day – or each week, minimally – when you turn off the phone, forbid interruptions, and don’t allow yourself to check e-mail or messages for a slot of time to address the highest priorities of your business.

The ideal amount of time? It varies depending upon your patterns and personality, but start with at least an hour at a time and increase it gradually to blocks of two hours or more. If you just can’t do it during work hours, try getting up an hour earlier. It’ll be quieter then and you’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish. And those accomplishments will beget others!

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