How To Retain Good Employees During a Downturn

It may be a fact of life for your business. To keep your doors open, you may have had to furlough or even lay off some employees. No one likes to do that. Even when you jettison marginal performers, no one enjoys the process, least of all the business owner.

If it DOES happen to you, are you aware that the layoff isn’t the end of the process? What about those employees who are still with you? Oh, they’re lucky to have a job, you might say. But they are scared no matter what you say or do – and who can blame them?

To protect your business, you need to take several more affirmative steps. Most won’t cost you any money, but they do require effort and caring.

First, when was the last time you thanked your employees? Just a simple “thank you for a good job” the next time someone does a good job will work WONDERS. Give it a try – I dare ya! For one solid week, say 5 thank yous a day to 5 different individuals on your staff. Then let us know what happens!

How about other ways of saying thank you? Maybe it’s a new coffee pot in the employee lounge. Not a big investment but a way of expressing your gratitude for how hard people work.

Any of your team doing more work as a result of those layoffs? Maybe you can’t reward them with a raise just now (and future promises are never a good idea), but you can reward them in other ways. Home-baked cookies in the lunch room, or a visit to the office by a chair massage therapist for free 10 minute massages, or even all going out for drinks after work once in a while can not only say “thank you” but tell employees you recognize they are putting in extra effort.

What works in your office?

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