How Do You Manage Conflict?

CEOs of all-size businesses encounter conflict. It’s a fact of business life!

Business ConflictThe real question is: How do you manage it? It probably won’t surprise you that Conflict Management tops the list of their own skills CEOs believe need development in a recent Harvard Business Review blog article.

Avoiding conflict can throw a wrench into the works of your business. It may not happen immediately, but sooner or later  the wake of denial prompts a cascade effect all the way down the organization. This is particularly acute and impacts smaller organizations disproportionately. What may seem like a small issue that will “blow over” can turn into counterproductive performance across your company if you don’t recognize and channel conflict in productive directions.

So how do you improve your skills and comfort level dealing with conflict in your business? Do you read books? Do you talk with colleagues? How about your spouse? Have you ever sought an outside advisor? That HBR article contends that “seeking out a coach or advisor is not a sign of a fundamental problem or weakness, but instead a key attribute of being a superior leader.”

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