Maximize Your Investment at Trade Shows

Making the Most of a Trade Show

One of the largest expenses you will find in any marketing budget is the line for trade shows. Often these are critical interludes to meet face-to-face with your customers and vendors. But do you prepare and plan to maximize the investment? Are you “too busy” to send invitations to their exhibit? Is your schedule “too full” upon returning to the office to follow up promptly? (And finally is it “too late,” so you never follow up at all – that’s an actual experience related by a client!)

Let’s see, what did it cost you to go to that last conference? Airfare, hotel, meals, taxis…if you go out of the country, then add in the sinking exchange rate. Now, multiply it by how many staff attended. Bottom line: it costs a LOT to attend these, much less to an exhibitor. That’s when you pay beaucoup bucks for AIR (with your booth space), and “get nickeled and dimed” for carpet, drapes, tables, wastebaskets, etc by the exhibit companies. (Do you ever want to protest, “I don’t want to BUY this chair, but just rent it for a couple of days!”)

Now. Go back and remind yourself just how busy you have to be to throw away this 5-figure investment.

This article has a simple checklist of key ways to make your time and investment pay off. Read it. Remember it. Do it.

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