Practical Implementation

Scrum for Social Media

Although this is an article specific to Social Media (a current passion!), there are some very practical and simple lessons for managers wanting a structured process to get things done thoroughly and quickly. No, the two are not mutually exclusive. It’s about FOCUS and ACCOUNTABILITY. Of yes, and if you happen to be planning, say, developing a company website there are direct applications.

My favorite learning is the new definition of “Scrum.” Not referring to Rubgy, the new definition:

“a project management process with less planning, more prototyping and faster turnaround. Taken from agile software development process, scrum is easy to learn; requires little effort to start using; and works ideally for social media [and OTHER!] projects.”

This isn’t the only way to manage introducing a new product, but it is one to consider. See how it fits your business!

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