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Sometimes, especially when a major change of professional direction is underway, we experience the transition to a new working life as a time of confusion, loss, insecurity, and uncertainty. We might be downright scared.

That’s absolutely normal. However it can feel daunting. And you may find yourself stuck, going around and around in a circle without making forward progress. Rather than struggling alone, how about getting a sharper vision of your success in a tribe of other women? You are invited to join us for this online journey.Retreat Table

During this trek, you will learn tips and tools to help you get clear on your business Vision — to find your North Star for your business. Each destination is unique, just as you are unique. We’ll explore what is important to YOU from your work, and what freedom and success look like to you for a business you love.

You may have a current business that needs a little TLC and clarity, or you may simply have the germ of an idea for a new business. This journey will help you move towards ACTION and realizing your dream. You will have that all important success destination clearly defined and ready for action when you complete this pilgrimage.

This will be an online experience, 8 weeks long. You can access the materials when it fits your schedule, and return to them as much as you need. In addition to a closed Facebook Group, there will be weekly group conference calls (recorded to accommodate schedules) to review individual questions and share “a-has.” You will also receive an unusual amount of access and 1:1 time with Nancy Chorpenning, the founder of C-Suite Advisors and originator of “Corporate Refugees” and CEO School for Women™. If you are interested in being part of the first small group to participate in this program, please “raise your hand” by clicking ‘HERE’ now.

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