1:1 Services for Owners and Entrepreneurs

Small Business Help

What We Do

You don’t have time to spare if you are growing a business.

So you need support that can help you FOCUS and get on the road to your desired outcome.

Our 1:1 Business Support Program provides the kind of customized, high-touch support you need, for as long as you need it.

Our goal is to work our way out of a job with you thriving and happy.


We help IDENTIFY and SOLVE the RIGHT business issues. Identifying root issues allows you to FOCUS your attention on the right PRIORITIES.


We make sure you have an ACTIONABLE PLAN to guide your firm’s activities. Strategic planning is only valuable as it relates to your day-to-day reality. So we are big fans of one-page operational business plans. And we’ll work on it together.


We help you learn WHEN and HOW to hire an expert. Starting a business is easy. Making it successful and lasting is not. You need to FOCUS on your highest and best good, what you love, what you are GREAT at. Whether you need expertise in management, sales and marketing, finance, legal or administrative matters, we will match you with the experts who fit your needs and your business.


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