Our Process of Building Business Value

The C-Suite Approach

 What’s different about our approach?

Working with you, we ACCOMPANY you to implement your plans, helping you prioritize and focus your efforts to maximize your return on your investment of time, talent and treasure

What’s unique about our outcomes?

By the end of our engagement, you will be able to manage on your own more confidently, effectively and efficiently, and lead your business towards the goals you have set

The C-Suite Approach to Building Business Value

1. Assess

What’s the current state of your business?

Just like a visit to your doctor, we begin by asking you “where it hurts.” We have a comprehensive conversation about how your business started, what your dreams for it were and are, what is working well and why, what can be improved and how.

2. Analyze

What are your goals for your business?


3. Advise

Everyone needs a plan of action to move their company forward.

You wouldn’t go on a vacation without a plan, would you? Then how can you operate a business without a plan? We use a 1-Page Plan model that marries STRATEGY and TACTICS. You will have a dynamic plan that you can use each and every day, and extend to every member of your firm.

4. Alignment & Accountability

Connection, consistency and responsibility should be built into each goal to enhance value.


5. Accompany

You won’t be lonely trying to implement your plans! We’re there with you.

Unlike some consultants who offer prepared plans, drop it on your desk after collecting their hefty paycheck, and wish you luck to execute, we accompany you on the path to put your plan into practice. It will need adjustments over time, and we help there, too. And if you want to roll it out ot your team, we facilitate those meetings.

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