Taming Your Email

Avoiding Hassles

“>EMail Overload?

Email is the #1 use of the Internet for most of us. With the advent of iPhones and iPads, it has become even more ubiquitous. And the amount of email we receive is unlikely to slow down anytime soon.

Email can also become a headache, if you’re not used to taming it! Here are a few hints and tips; we’ll share more and the step-by-step instructions at our March 24 Taming Technology Workshop.

  • If you do not have separate email addresses for different parts of your life, you’re opening yourself up to more spam and unwanted email than anyone really needs.
  • If you have multiple email addresses on different websites like iCloud, GMail, Yahoo, or even your own business email, you do NOT need to go to each separate website to write, receive and manage your e-correspondence. Using an email client like Apple Mail allows you to receive all your email in one place, still separated by account.
  • POP3  and IMAP are different email protocols offered by most providers. Do you know the difference, and which one will serve your purposes best? HINT: One of them is better for people who want synchronized email across your devices.
  • How you use cc: and bcc: in composing your emails can not only reflect on how professional you are but it can determine how much extraneous email you receive.
  • There are services that will help you tame one, a few or myriad (e.g., 10) email addresses, some free (IFTTT), some reasonably priced (Mailstrom), and some more pricey (Sanebox).

If these sound like things you’d like to learn to do and implement in your digital life, please join us Monday, March 24 for Taming Technology Workshop: Taming EMail. And if you register before March 20, please use the promo code: TamingMyEmail for a 20% discount!

You can also read more about our entire Taming Technology Workshop Series for women entrepreneurs HERE.

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