The Entrepreneurial Gut

When It Feels Wrong To Be Right – Trust Your Gut –

Interesting article opens with: “‘I trust my gut.’ That sounds so alpha-male cool, I know. It’s also a very dumb approach to running the major aspects of your business.” Perhaps not only “alpha-male cool” – women call it intuition, men call it “gut feeling.”

While I agree there is no silver bullet or panacea for today’s business challenges, entrepreneurs ignore your senses at your own peril!

Having said that, before you listen to your gut or follow your intuition, check these signposts:

– Conventional wisdom may not serve you well. Analyze beneath that first cell layer.

– Equip yourself to be a business owner, not just an operator. Most business owners spend the majority of their hours working IN their business. Your success comes from how well you balance managing working IN your business and working ON it. Make time to engage your brain regularly.

– Sometimes a decision feels wrong because it IS. Make sure you are leading towards the right goal, not merely “tripping” for the sake of being different.

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