What Happened at the White House Job Summit?

White House job summit: Obama pushes business – Money

“‘The number 1 priority is to get banks lending to small businesses because small businesses create the majority of jobs in the United States,’ [Google’s Eric] Schmidt said.” This quote comes from the article in CNN’s Money.com (link above).

Finally! Is Washington beginning to “get it”? The answer to the economic situation is supporting small businesses to permit them to grow unfettered, despite the fact they don’t have the big-bucks lobbyists. But will those Wall Street refugees in Treasury really understand? I didn’t when I was drinking the Corporate America Kool-aid.

If ever there was a time for small business owners like you and me to contact our representatives, now is it! And we need to be clear about what we’re asking. This country was built on the backs of small businesses across the land – please afford us the same considerations you gave the amoral Wall Street investment bankers last year.

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